Stonebird : the Experience of Severe ME

a grey stone carving of a pigeon-like birdThe Stonebird
The Stonebird represents the idea that you don't have to do anything to be of beauty and value in the world. Even if you cannot move, even if you cannot communicate, even if you cannot think, still you are precious and your presence matters.

Resources :

Caring For ME

A Pocket Book Course for Carers

“We are sure this will be a great life saver to many carers out there ...This book offers a caring and helping hand coming from a person of such experience and knowledge in the field.” 25% ME Group

Severe ME : Notes for Carers

Stonebird is proud to announce the launch of Severe ME: Notes for Carers!

“One of Greg's most important works ...the information here isn't dry or wooden, it lives and breathes.”

Kara Jane Spencer

Straight-Jacketed by Empty Air

“Psychiatry's shameful involvement in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.”

FREE eBook

Living in the Heart of Love

A book to inspire, comfort and uplift those who are suffering.

"To say that 'Living in the Heart of Love' is about indescribable suffering would be accurate, but incomplete. It is about much more."

David Coupar