Severe  ME
Day 2016

Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Understanding and Remembrance Day 



Severe ME : Aware Care

A free guide

A reminder of some of the issues you may face as a carer
and some approaches that might be helpful, including
taking care of yourself. 

No More

A collection of poems to mark Severe ME Day

This small collection of poems is an attempt to give respect and love to all those who have passed and all those who have lived through this unspeakable injustice and suffering. 

The Roll Call of the Dead

A video tribute

There is a trail of dead ones,the loved, the honoured,the valued, the precious, All now lost to this illness, in death,

Severe ME : Notes for Carers

For much more information on Severe ME

An illustrated handbook packed full of practical tips, insights, guides and exercises.