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Notes for Carers

An illustrated handbook packed full of practical tips, insights, guides and exercises.

“This book is a beautifully written work. It captures the very essence of what it means to care for a severely ill person. Thoughtfully, tenderly put together and very importantly, it gives room for the views of the poorly person too. ”

Nicky Baker ( Review on Lulu for the first edition)

Greg Crowhurst

BJN Nurse of the Year Award Finalist 2015

“This book should be on the NHS for ME sufferers!

All health professionals should read this book on how to “CARE for Severe ME”... every page I turn is spot on for ME sufferers & their families!

So easy to read to this book! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Someone truly “UNDERSTANDING” how to “CARE” & “RESPECT” SEVERE ME. ”

Debra Nice
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“ The wisdom that has developed over many years of professional and personal commitment to caring informs every word in this rare opportunity to learn about caring for someone with severe ME. ”

Penelope McMillan ( Review on Lulu for the first edition)

“This book has been bound together with the love between 2 people encompassing a spiritual & compassionate experience in a world where those who are chronically ill have been cast to the fringe of society. Every Doctor should have a copy of this on their desk.”

Wendy Boutilier(Review on Lulu for the first edition)

Written with love

“One of Greg's most important works ...the information here isn't dry or wooden, it lives and breathes.”

Kara Jane Spencer, UK

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