If you care for someone with ME, then you have to be the best carer you can possibly be!

  With ME what you do is important but how you do things is more important. 

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As a carer you are required to function at a very high, very skilled level, able to quickly respond in the right way.This book uses pictures to illustrate particular points. They are there to remind you of the stark, shocking reality you face

Self-Reflective Learning

Your learning curve, when faced with the most ill has to take a profound leap, for if you do not learn, you become part of the problem and risk triggering deterioration yourself, inadvertently and unintentionally!

 Only you know what type and quality of care you offer. Only you can make a difference! 


Your world is turned upside down when you get Severe ME.

It is a nightmare world you have come to exist in.

The most severely ill, are in indescribable agony, with multiple unalleviated symptoms. Only the best, most aware care, will suffice; we call this The MOMENT Approach.

The MOMENT Approach:

It means more than possibly can be expressed to feel seen, heard, helped, cared for, when you experience unimaginable, unrelenting illness, that lasts for decades...to care for someone in these circumstances requires great fortitude and the tenderest of approaches.

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Greg Crowhurst is the author of Severe ME, featuring Justice for Karina Hansen, Severe ME, Notes For Carers and Straightjacketed By Empty Air (free eBook).

With qualifications in Nursing, Experiential Learning, Training & Development, Counselling, Life Coaching, Web Design, plus an MA in Moral, Personal and Spiritual Development, Greg Crowhurst cares full-time for his wife, Linda, who has Very Severe ME. In 2015 he was awarded a BJN Nurse of the Year award for his work.

Caring For ME

As featured on the Gary Burgess ME show